2017-11-16 Frederik VanrenterghemFix typo. master
2017-11-16 Frederik VanrenterghemTell git this repository has public read access.
2017-11-09 Frederik VanrenterghemOnly loop through the graphs twice.
2017-11-09 Frederik VanrenterghemShare scale across plots. Remove unused code.
2017-11-09 Frederik VanrenterghemComment out code that never worked.
2017-11-06 Frederik VanrenterghemCreate animated gif for multiple cities.
2017-11-02 Frederik VanrenterghemStyle the graph.
2017-11-02 Frederik VanrenterghemOnly look at Melbourne.
2017-11-02 Frederik VanrenterghemCorrectly calculate the income.
2017-11-02 Frederik VanrenterghemPlot income per SA3.
2017-11-02 Frederik VanrenterghemPlot by postal codes.