descriptionQuick look at the Western Australia active schools shapefile.
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2023-10-09 Frederik VanrenterghemUse Carto for metro map. master
2023-10-02 Frederik VanrenterghemRemove redundant list().
2023-10-02 Frederik VanrenterghemRemove OpenStreetMap dependency. Use geom_sf.
2023-10-02 Frederik VanrenterghemUpdate to 2022 data.
2017-10-12 Frederik VanrenterghemConsider metro high schools only; label biggest.
2017-10-12 Frederik VanrenterghemUse newer library sf instead of rgdal.
2017-10-12 Frederik VanrenterghemLoad needed broom library and suppress tidy warning.
2017-10-11 Frederik VanrenterghemAdd shape file.
2017-10-11 Frederik VanrenterghemInitial commit.
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